David Beastcage

David Beastcage, son of famed jewelry tycoon Herschel Beastcage, was born on a houseboat upon the great Ohio River in 1982. David swam away from home at the young age of 14 and made a living on the streets of Louisville singing his signature “Bourbon Medleys” for tourists. Most of the manuscripts of these early medleys were lost in the Great Louisville Fire [citation needed].  In 1997, he hit paydirt with his breakthrough single, “Black Lung Polka,” a tribute to coal miners of West Virginia. He is now earning a masters degree in music theory and composition in Boone, North Carolina.

Brian Winmust

Composer, musician, and government whistleblower Brian Winmust, hails from Nevada City, California, a real town with a population of 3100. Brian is an expert at many instruments including his lawnmower, which he fashioned into a MIDI controller, winning him top honors at the Nevada City Synth Trade Expo, Northeast Division in 2001, the same year as September 11th. When not writing and recording jingles, Brian enjoys conducting independent sleep studies.